Chapter Eighteen: Spring Cleaning and Facebook Friends

It is that special and magical time of the year again. The time when every person is getting sick of their messes they didn’t clean up due to sheer apathy. For anyone who knows me or has seen where I live, this is a very severe undertaking. Clean the fish tank. Throw away the fifty to-go cups in my room along with the 8 cases worth of empty Ski cans. And you are chuckling under your breath because of these numbers, but don’t get me wrong. When I say these numbers, I mean them. I’m on my third garbage bag and still don’t have the superficial garbage cleaned up yet. I have a pretty bad problem when it comes to beverages. I drink gallons of liquids a day and boy does it show.

But spring cleaning means more than just cleaning up you room for the summer. This year it means getting ready to move into my first apartment. While I am more than thrilled to get out of the dorms, I am not thrilled with having to repack all of my crap to move it. I’m not moving states away. I’m not moving cities away. I am moving two freaking blocks away. Two. That’s it. And I have to pack and do all of this fun jazz for two blocks. However, I will digress.

Another lesser known form of spring cleaning is what I like to refer to as Facebook Cleaning. All it is me going down my friends list and deleting people that I just don’t care to see anymore. People from high school I no longer talk to. Random people I thought I knew but really didn’t. Ex-boyfriends and two-faced people are also deleted along with people who do nothing other than post ten million selfies.

Something that I really learned this years cleaning is that there are three main characteristics of friends that are my age. First you have the so-gushy-and-cute-you-just-want-to-puke people. These are your friends that jump started their life and are getting married and having kids. Second are the alcoholics, stoners, druggies, and bums. We all know these people. You can notice these people in high school, but their numbers will grow once you get to college. This effect is very clearly explained by my grandmother. Her theory is that you have these kids in high school that are straight A students that don’t do anything wrong. They are always coddled by their parents and led sheltered lives up till college. Then they get their long awaited first taste of freedom. They take to the parties and drink and party until they are failing adding them to the second group of Facebook friends. That leaves you with the legitimately good kids. The people who religiously study. The ones who might go to a party here and there, but much prefer more legal forms of fun such as movies, significant others, and even volunteering. Those are the three groups, but none of them are better than the others. Just like there are two sides to a coin there are two sides to each group. There are nice and trustworthy stoners/alcoholics/druggies/bumbs and there are hypocritical and two-faced “good kids”.

Coming back to spring cleaning, there is only one thing left to do once your house/apartment/room/facebook is clean. Finally I’m to the personal image part. This involves cutting hairs. Usually I would go out and get my hair cut or trimmed, but considering that I just shaved all of my hair I don’t really have much to trim yet. So I will settle with shaving and call it a day because thank God I am a male and don’t have to shave my legs.

Happy spring cleaning!

Chapter Seventeen: Classes at STLCOP

Remember in high school when you went to seven or eight different classes every day? None of your classes had anything to do with each other except maybe calculus lining up with your physics class for a brief period of time. Those were the days. Gym, English, Math, Science, History, and a coupe of electives. I miss that so much that it isn’t even funny.

Let me explain. The classes that I have taken so far include General Chemistry 1 and 2, Physics, Anatomy, Biology, Calculus, Psychology, and Critical Thinking and Writing. Except for Critical Thinking and Writing, every single class has related to a different class. Lets start at Calculus. In Calc, we learned to take derivatives. That linked to Physics where we are shown how to derive different equations to help us understand where some of our equations come from. In Physics we connected to General Chemistry when we talked about gas and pressure laws and briefly when we talked about electricity. We connected Physics also to Anatomy and Biology when it comes to the depolarization in neurons. Anatomy is a continuation of Biology that is focused on the human body, so there is a lot of overlap. Anatomy related to Psychology when we talked about different neurotransmitters and what they effect. Anatomy taught us the areas of the brain and Psychology taught us what was happening in those areas. Technically, if you squinted your eyes and hallucinated a bit, you could say that Psychology related to Critical Thinking and Writing because you have to anticipate what a counter argument would be to your thesis. You could also connect Psychology to every single class and say that you need to Psychoanalyze all of your teachers to figure out how to get exams pushed back, write a paper in a way the teacher likes it and gives you a better grade, and persuade the teacher to push back exams to help avoid terrible hell-weeks.

There is a reason for this, and there is a reason for me ranting about it. The reason they all connect is because they all connect in ways that are useful in the Pharmacy field. Every class has had some sort of a connection to pharmacy that cannot be ignored. Calculus taught us how to monitor the amount of a drug in the bloodstream. Biology gave us a brief insight of how a few different drugs worked. Anatomy is preparing us for general hospital work. Psychology is teaching us how to come up with plans to help patients take their medication regularly. Chemistry is just giving us a basis for later courses, so it is more indirect, but it will be helpful in the future. But we all know that feeling that we get when there isn’t a lot of variety in our lives. But that is the end of my rant. Everyone enjoy your weekend!

Chapter Sixteen: My Summer Bucket List

Everyone seems to have their favorite season, but I have the hardest time deciding which is my favorite. I know my least favorite season is spring because spring is never a full season. Spring is half taken over by slushy winter and then always seems to jump right up to blazing summer temperatures. There is only ever one or two weeks that are legitimately spring. I love winter, but it starts way too early. And let’s face it. Once Christmas is done, we are all ready for winter to end. Sadly, it is only three or four days into winter at that point. If I had to pick a favorite though, I think I’d pick summer. As it is the beginning of April I am already preparing for the summer. This summer I want to have the best summer ever, and I think I have come up with an amazing bucket list.

1. I want to go to at least three concerts. Do I know what concerts yet? No. But I want to go out and make some amazing memories with my lover that is known as music.

2. I want to pull an all-nighter with a good friend. Blast some music. Drive around. Have a picnic at two in the morning. Catch fireflies and make a lantern. Run through some corn fields. Cause trouble. Drive up to the city and see the lights at night. All of that fun jazz. Just a night full of living life to the fullest.

3. I want to catch up on some reading. There are so many books that I know I need to read, and I am determined to read at least 20 books over my summer months.

4. I am going to spend as much time as possible in my city. Living in St. Louis has given me so much more love for Chicago. The rush of coming out of the train station and seeing all of the people going about their busy day to day lives. The bliss of lying on the beach. I just love my city and miss it so much.

5. I want to grow lavender. Lavender and I have a love hate relationship. I love it but it hates when I try to grow it. All I want to do is just grow lavender and make lavender lemonade out of it. Is that so much to ask? So this summer I am going to talk to my plant and fertilize and just totally do everything I can to make sure I can grow my own lavender.

6. I want to find a friend who has a truck, fill the bed of the truck with blankets and pillows, and then go out and go stargazing.

7. I want to participate in a bike race.

8. I want to bike across the state. This one is a little more ambitious. If possible, I want to bike all of the way from my house to St. Louis. Are there any trails that go straight there? Not that I know of. Do I still want to try it? Heck yes.

The glory of this list is that I live in a small town that is relatively close to a big city. I can do all of the small town things and all of the big city things and not have to worry to much. This summer, if all goes as planned, is going to be legendary. It isn’t absolutely insane, it is very realistic, and I am determined enough that I think I can do this. And this is only a small sample of what I plan to accomplish. I’ll be working a lot, but I still believe I can get all of this and more done.

Chapter Fifteen: A Quick Word Before Spring Break

Spring break could not have taken any longer to get here if it tried. This week has seriously been the longest week of my life. Let me just throw it down for you in one simple word.


This week has been all about teachers talking about your midterm grade. That is cool for everyone who is doing stellar in their classes. That, however, doesn’t apply to me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not failing anything. But I’m not doing anywhere near as good as I had promised myself at the beginning of the semester. But like I said, it is going to be okay. There is still another half of the semester to kill it and raise grades.

So now I just want to do a little bragging about my spring break. It is not anywhere near as exciting as other peoples break, but I think I am going to have a fine time regardless. Tonight I leave to go halfway home. At midnight I am going to see a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. For those of you who don’t know, I am a huge fan. I got the DVD and the Soundtrack for Christmas and watched it no less than four times the week I got it. Then Saturday I get to roadtrip from central Illinois to Chicago with my best friend Leah. We are going to cook real food and eat like fat people all week and it is going to be amazing.

Monday we are taking a day to explore the city with my friend Lindsey. We are going to eat at a magnificent restaurant called Dicks Last Resort. If you haven’t been, you need to go. They are very mean to you as the name would suggest, but it is so much fun and is a great time. Then Tuesday I am going to get to spend some time with the remaining few awesome people left in town that I talk to regularly. I hope it will be a night that we remember for the rest of our lives. The rest of the week is left up in the air, but there will be plenty of studying going on just to get ahead of classes to make our load easier for the rest of the semester.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention one other little gem. My house is going to be inhabited by only Leah and myself for the majority of break. Unlike most people who would see that as an opportunity to do variously legal things, we are going to study like good little college students. Oh well. At least we can eat our brains out. 

I hope you all have an amazing spring break and I can’t wait to get this show on the road! 

Chapter Fourteen: The Gay Dating Scene

So the other day I saw a post online that was half hilarious and half sadly true. The post was, “Gay dating is just like getting a job. It either happens online or with a reference.” This is so true and it really drives me up a wall. Because of my stubbornness I had to go and prove that post wrong.

Before I jump into the epic story that inspired this post, I want to point out a great example of both references and non-references, and online dating experiences that I have had just to show how interesting dating can be in the life of a gay man’s shoes.

My first reference experience was very interesting. I was sitting in front of the train tracks and got a text message out of the clear blue. It was from a random guy who I had never talked to before. He wanted me to go out on a date with him. I had never seen him before. I had no clue who he was. The only insight I got was that he was the gay guy who worked at McDonald’s.

My best online experience was a doozy. It basically involved me lying to everyone to take a train to Chicago to walk a few blocks to take another train out of Chicago to a mall to meet a guy from roughly 60 miles away. It was a grand old time. He was awkward, quiet, and he wasn’t even that cute. Plus he was on his phone the whole time so I obviously knew I could do better. But that was a great waste of a day that I love telling around the campfire.

Then there was math team. Geeks and action shouldn’t go hand in hand. But somehow they do. I always seemed to find interesting guys at math team. Right after I broke up with the guy from McDonald’s we had a math team competition. While at this competition I made a bunch of friends while playing a game called Ninja. A really cute guy with blue liberty spikes came up to me and asked me what we were playing. I told him and he said that he wanted to play but he had no clue how. I showed him how to play in our own little mini game and it was a cute awkward time every time our hands touched. I ended up writing my number on a Reece’s wrapper and we took a picture together and two weeks later we were a cute little couple dying our hair fun colors for the winter formal.

Now for the best story. Yesterday at Panera I was waiting in line to place my order. I noticed a very handsome fellow standing a few feet away and he had an amazing cup that had a bunch of Pokémon  pictures on it. I instantly complimented the cup, but he was a little to far away to hear me. Whatever. I’ll get over it.

After we had ordered, I went to find us a table. I instantly found him in the crowd and noticed that there was an open table next to him. I sat us down at the table next to him. My friends were waiting for their food and his friend was waiting for hers. I started up a conversation about Pokémon with him and  we had a good talk. Our friends finally came back so me and handsome man stopped our conversation. I didn’t know if he was gay, but I was determined to not let the post I had seen the other day get the best of me. On our way out I decided to make my move. This was our conversation.

“Hey there. So I was just wondering if… Well, I mean, you can never be to sure so I just wanted to ask you….. And I mean, please don’t get offended if you aren’t… Well what I’m trying to ask is… Would you happen to be gay?”

“I do. I mean, I am. I mean…. Yes, I do… Crap… YES I AM GAY! There we go. Haha.”

At these words my heart was racing. This cute guy was sitting in front of me. He obviously didn’t find me repulsive. We had a great talk already and had some common interests. This is going great! I am so in the clear! My life is not confined to the social norms established on the internet! It is now time to make my move!

“Really? Ok, well do you think it would be ok if we exchanged numbers?”

And then it happened.

“Sorry! I have a boyfriend.”

“**** Ok. Sorry. ****** Um, well it was great meeting you. ******* **** I’ll just walk away then. God *******.”

I thought I had broke free. I though I had it. I was in the clear. And then because he was taken my world came crashing down. I left the restaurant letting lose a slew of profane phrases under my breath. I went to tell my friends how it went and then heard even better news. They heard me talking all the way in the front of the store. My voice loves to carry in the most incontinent of times.

So even though I failed, I proved to myself that it is possible to find a guy outside of the internet and without a reference. But he just may be in a relationship. But those are just minor details, right?

Chapter Thirteen: Responsibilities

Oh. My. Goodness. Let me tell you all something. If I am not insane already I will be there by the end of the semester. Have you ever had a moment when everything just hits you at once? Yeah, that just happened to me. Let me lay out my schedule for you and you might get why. To start, I am taking eighteen credit hours split up into five classes. Three of those classes have labs. Was I thinking when I registered last semester? No. No I was not. I was barley awake when I registered at seven in the morning. Sure I had planned out my schedule before that morning but I need something to blame. Now lets throw own a few of the major responsibilities I have added this semester. I am the new Co-CEO of STLCOP’s Gay Straight Alliance. I am also the historian for Student Body Union Programing. I am also trying to shop for an apartment for in the fall. To top it all off I also tutor.

What does this mean? This means that Kyle doesn’t know how to say no. I wanted to try to get ahead in classes so I took a full course load. Next semester I will have a baby load and I am very fine with that. But that is really hitting me hard this semester. They told me it might not be a good idea. I didn’t listen. My brain was telling me, “Ya know what Kyle? You can do this. It is such a great idea. You can balance everything. Friends. Classes. Sleep. It is doable! YOU CAN DO IT!” No. Brain, you were wrong. I can do this, but it is costing me a piece of my sanity right now. Maybe if that was all I had done I wouldn’t be freaking out. But here comes the same problem again. I can’t say no.

I was asked to run for historian of SBUP last semester. I was a bit hesitant, but I was assured it was barely any work. I was told I’d be good at it. So I said yes. And then when we got to the meeting where they went into detail of what I was responsible for I was overloaded. In a glorious three hour meeting my brain was thoroughly decimated. Sadly, there was no going back at that point.

Then just a few days ago at our GSA meeting the old president stepped down. I tried to say no. But then that little voice in my head started talking again. “Do it Kyle. I believe in you. Think of how much fun it could be. Think of the experiences. Do it with Leah. It is a splendid idea.” I looked at Leah, we said we would do it. We changed the name from president to CEO and now I’m here.

Don’t get me wrong. I do love doing all of these organizations. I love being in charge. I love responsibilities. But there is one thing I want to suggest if you want to follow in my footsteps. Don’t do it all at once. Take everything step at a time. Don’t drive yourself mad. I can enjoy things, but I always have something running in the back of my mind. I know it is only a matter of time before I forget something, but until that day comes I am going to own it. And maybe next semester I’ll smarten up and not take on so much. I just hope that the voice inside my head doesn’t try to convince me otherwise.

Chapter Twelve: 2014 Will Be Amazing

Man oh man has this been an interesting year so far. It is only February and I have already done so many new fun things, but I have also done some not so fun things. However, this year I have a new goal. I’m going to do my best to look past the bad things and focus more on the good things. The first few weeks of January were pretty bland except for the fact that I jumped back onto the single market. Looking at the positives though, I had fun and let loose and dyed my hair purple! Yes, vibrant purple. All around purple. Why? Two reasons, one was because I could and two was because I wanted to show my pride for my school. Now I’m not saying it was an equal 50/50 split but we are going to move on. After that I went out and got my second tattoo. It is a quote over my heart. The quote is “We accept the love we thing we deserve.” These words have taken on a whole new meaning to me over vacation and therefore I was able to justify them for my second annual birthday tattoo.

The first week of being back at college was the best week ever. To start it out, we did a huge game night and I invited tons of people to my room for a wild game of Cards Against Humanity. I left my own party early to go on a walk with my girl Mackenzie and my good buddy Wiggles. St. Louis at two in the morning is amazing. Some of these streets look so pretty at night because of the architecture and also because of the 2 a.m. affect. The 2 a.m. affect as a term I coined myself. Two in the morning is the most intense time of the day. There are only two kinds of people awake. Those who are loved and those who are lonely. This time we were those who are loved. We walked and talked for at least an hour. It was perfect. In that moment I truly understood what Charlie meant when he said, “And in that moment we were infinite.”

A few days later I went out to Wild Country for the first time ever. I went with my amazing girls Mck, Mac, and Leah. We were true geniuses that night. We took a train to get to Mck’s car so we could drive out to the club. While walking the quarter mile from the train to the car we got to walk through snow. It was lots of fun especially for Leah who was in open toed shoes. I was without a coat because I didn’t realize how far away the car was. None of us were happy. But we made it through.

When we finally made it to Wild Country, we started having fun. There was lots of dancing and some old movie playing on the televisions. The line dancing was a struggle but we somehow bluffed our way through it. We had one really nice girl teaching us the steps as we went for a couple of songs. The lights eventually went down and everyone went crazy. I was hoping to score a date while I was there, but the only luck I had was from a girl who seemed to be crazy about me. She was nice but she had two things working against her. One was that she was at least ten years older than I am and the other was that she was a woman.

When we left the temperature had dropped drastically. With wind chill it was negative nineteen degrees. We stopped at a drive through to get drinks and that was the biggest mistake of my life. The window got stuck rolled down and we had to drive half of an hour on the expressway in the extreme cold. Even if it was a frigid ride home it was amazing. That will be a night that I will never forget just because of the amount of fun we had yelling at each other to keep ourselves warm.

These fun adventures are what has made this semester fun. Other small adventures include me going out and piercing my tongue and me bleaching my hair white with pink tips. Hey, the hair wants what the hair wants. All of my adventures so far make me look forward to the rest of this year. I can’t be pessimistic with all of the amazing things happening right now.